Give to your community and plan your philanthropy.

Creating and Supporting a Culture of Giving

n., pl., -pies.

I. The effort or inclination to increase the wellbeing of
humankind, as by charitable aid or donations
II. Love of humankind in general
III. Something, such as an activity or institution,
intended to promote human welfare.

[Late Latin philanthrōpia, from Greek, from philanthrōpos, humane, benevolent : phil-, philo-, philo- + anthrōpos, man, mankind.]

The Community Foundation for Lancashire  is for donors, for communities and for Lancashire. As an independent registered charity, we are part of a national and international movement of community foundations that undertakes strategic grant making, facilitates philanthropy and contributes to achieving positive social change.

We understand that many people and organisations in and linked to Lancashire want to make communities and people’s lives better, brighter, happier, healthier, greener, finer, kinder and richer.

Acting as Lancashire's Philanthropy Centre, we connect philanthropists who have a commitment and passion for making a difference to people’s lives by connecting them with Lancashire’s voluntary and community sector.

Our role is about creating and supporting a culture of giving that makes a real difference. We facilitate and administer philanthropy and charitable giving for people and organisations who are passionate about Lancashire and making a difference, helping them to achieve their aspirations and make some of their most important charitable acts and gifts.

We hope their experience with us might give delight, satisfaction, surprise, wonder, pleasure, fun or a sense or achievement – or all of those things!

We operate across the area and beyond, enabling individuals, families, companies, entrepreneurs, charitable trusts and foundations to support communities in a cost effective way which they can direct. This philanthropy takes many forms, including time, money, influence and in-kind support. We also work on occasions with public sector bodies to achieve their community aims.

By working with the Community Foundations, as you may know, you can choose the goal and direction of your philanthropy and charitable donations, and we will support you to achieve it all.

We would like to thank all those involved with the Community Foundation for choosing to donate and work with us. 


Nathan Smith-Hilliard, General Manager of the DeVere Village Herons Reach Hotel in Blackpool presenting the  Cultural Champions Award to Harsha Shukla of The Lancaster and Morecambe Hindu Society at The Spirit of Lancashire Awards 2011

For information on how to give to your community and plan your philanthropy please contact the Community Philanthropy Team on:
0151 232 2415 / 0151 232 2418
or email: