Mark McQueen Foundation

Background Information: The Mark McQueen Foundation has been set up by the McQueen family from Liverpool in loving memory of their son Mark.

What is the focus of the fund:  The Foundation aims to support young men struggling with emotional and mental health issues.

How much is available: There are 4 levels of funding available to apply for which are as follows;

Who can apply: Voluntary or community groups with a constitution or set of rules in the group’s name, which includes CICs and social enterprises

Which areas are covered: Lancashire wide covering all boroughs  

Any special criteria: Existing work may be funded where there is proven need for it although we cannot meet current costs where work is funded by other sources. Rent and other office type costs may be considered where they are part of a distinct project that funding is being requested for. 

Examples of the sorts of projects that may be funded:

Support groups and help-line/counselling services for young men, children, or young people with mental health issues


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