Working with Companies

Liverpool ONE Foundation

The Liverpool ONE Foundation was established in 2009 by the private sector partners involved in delivering Grosvenor’s Paradise Project (now known as Liverpool ONE). The partners were committed to putting something back into the local community and, to gain the relevant expertise and important local networks, transferred the Foundation to the administration of the Community Foundation in 2009. Since then over £1,000,000 has been given out in the form of charitable grants to the local community.

Hill Dickinson Foundation

Hill Dickinson LLP first supported projects with the Community Foundation for Merseyside in 2010, when they celebrated their 200th year in business by raising vital funds for local grassroots organisations.

Since then, their desire to support communities has continued to grow and culminated in the establishment of the Hill Dickinson Foundation in 2014. The Hill Dickinson Foundation supports projects in the communities closest to its regional offices with a particular focus on increasing social mobility and community spirit.


Tilney Bestinvest has been supporting local communities through the Community Foundation for Merseyside since 2010 when they were formally known as Deutsche Bank. Since the merger of Tilney and Bestinvest in 2014, the Tilney Bestinvest Foundation has continued to support grassroots organisations across Merseyside with a particular emphasis on supporting disadvantaged young people.

Santander SEDA Scheme

In the spring of 2011, the Community Foundations for Lancashire and Merseyside led a group of five Community Foundations to work with Santander on the development of a new awards programme for social enterprises. This working group helped to identify where Santander could add most value to communities and to social enterprises themselves. With Community Foundation local and sector expertise, Santander found us invaluable in helping to create what resulted from the six month project; the Santander Social Enterprise Development Awards (SEDA).We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with Santander for over five years on piloting and developing their SEDA Scheme throughout the UK, especially investing over £1 million in the North of England and nearly £6 million across the UK in vital social enterprises for communities.

The Community Foundation has a long track record in enabling and supporting companies to be successful in their corporate citizenship work to support the communities in which they are based and where their employees and customers live, learn and work. The Community Foundation can be the back office for a corporate foundation or complement existing Corporate Social Responsibility work to grow stronger communities together. For more information and to arrange a meeting to explore bespoke corporate opportunities, please contact


The Community Foundation works with professional advisors and specialist membership organisations across the North West to provide philanthropy advice and giving opportunities to charities and communities. These partnerships enable the organisations involved to enhance and extend their offer to their clients or members whilst encouraging giving.

Professional Footballers Association’s ‘Your Cause Your Way’ Initiative

‘Your Cause, Your Way’ helps footballers across England and Wales to create their own named charitable funds, supported and administered by experts at their local community foundation. Led nationally by Community Foundations for Lancashire and Merseyside, the initiative’s ambassador is former LFC player and Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher who works with us to encourage footballers to consider how they give back to the communities they grew up in and now play in based on his experience in setting up his 23 Foundation with us in 2009.

To hear more about our work with footballers and the Professional Footballers Association, view this film:

Tilney Best Invest

Giving with TilneyBestInvest is an exclusive partnership between the Community Foundations Lancashire & Merseyside and Tilney Best Invest across the North West. Via Giving with Tilney Bestinvest their clients can give to a broad range of small and local community groups and charities as well as established national charities in the UK under a named charitable foundation administered by the Community Foundations.


Knowsley Foundation

Launched at Stanley Grange, on Lord Derby’s Estate, on 28 November 2011, the Knowsley Foundation has brought together statutory services, the voluntary and community sector and the business community to support 16,969 of local people and 38 charitable projects to date. Funding from statutory bodies and volunteering time and resources from the private sector have contributed to these achievements over the last five years.

“The Knowsley Foundation proves that many different types of people and organisations can work together for the positive benefit of our communities.” Lesley Martin-Wright of Knowsley Chamber of Commerce and Community Foundation Philanthropist of the Year 2013.

The Knowsley Foundation remains a rare partnership in the country, bringing together Knowsley’s Borough Council, Chamber of Commerce and the Community and Voluntary Service with the local Community Foundation to achieve social impact.

Merseyside Police & Crime Commissioner

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside, working alongside the Community Foundation, distributes funding from the sale of recovered stolen goods or property that has been found and handed to Merseyside Police. If the owners of the property are not traceable then the goods are sold at auction. The money from the sale of these goods is then redistributed by way of the Police Property Act fund. The Commissioner uses this fund to award charitable grants to community organisations that deliver projects to reduce crime, improve public safety or support victims.

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